About Us


M.V.R.I Vision

We strive to be an excellent provider for all services offered. We believe in building each other up by bringing healing and hope to every individual.


M.V.R.I Mission

To improve the quality of the individuals mind, body, and spirit by equipping them with the education, knowledge, specialized treatment, and support that is necessary to achieve long term recovery and success in their personal and professional lives.


M.V.R.I Team Values

Excellence: We strive for the best, we are continuously improving quality in all our activities. 

Teamwork: We take pride in recognizing and empowering people. We believe in treating all with the mutual respect and sensitivity, while recognizing the importance of diversity. 

Education: We believe that all our services we offer must be of the highest quality. Providing evidenced-based programming we present clients with the knowledge and tools needed for empowerment, motivation and change.